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Funny + Promotion! [24 Aug 2006|12:04pm]


LOL. Also. a cheap plug..

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Morionor [25 Feb 2005|12:53am]


We are Morionor, a band from Atlanta that can best be described as melodic black metal. If you are a fan of children of bodom style melodies with shredding guitar solos, melodic keyboard harmonies, and an intense sound, certainly check us out. We take pride in being a local band that doesn't suck, so you should go to www.morionor.com to check us out. Our music can be heard on the website or you can go to www.myspace.com/morionorx to listen and add us as a friend. Also, buy our cd which has just been released! It is only 5 dollars and over 30 minutes of music. Thanks a lot and support Metal.

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TABBAGE [08 Jan 2003|11:46pm]

[ mood | cold ]

You know you've lost your damn mind when you don't even remember actually joining a community. Anywho, since people are talking music, playing and all that what-not, tabbage-wise, I recommend these two pages.

Displacer the forum here is also a really good place to look for assistance or people posting tabs since some of them on the page are questionable...heh IMO this is the best page for finding tabs, in addition to the previously mentioned page.

An offshoot of that page Death Warp is another good place. Guys there are usually pretty thorough and try to be as accurate as possible.

Since I lack the drive or movi-tation to tab stuffs, I'll pass. Besides, I'm not a guitar player *shrug*

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Fire One [07 Jan 2003|04:21am]

[ mood | tired ]

My first attempt at a full tab of a Dark Funeral song. There's probably some parts that are wrong, and if you notice any, let me know.

Diabolis Interium - Hail Murder

Enjoy, and I'll be sure to add more as I make 'em. I'll prolly start archiving them if I get enough.

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Tablature [05 Jan 2003|12:15am]

[ mood | blank ]

For any guitar players out there, I'm going to try and amass some tabs for some BM songs. There's already a few sites dedicated to tabs out there, but the selection is a bit poor...
MetalTabs.com - That's a decent site for tabs. I'll try and throw up a few tabs for Dark Funeral and whatnot. I need the practice anyways. Heh.

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let's give it a go. [04 Jan 2003|06:46pm]

i was a member of the old BM com, but a bunch of tard warts stopped posting about music and started to post nothing but personal unbased flaming. jack ha'ha'ha'asses. maybe this will go better, feel free to add me to your friend list if you feel like it.
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